Our Services

All your CIS payroll needs within one company. From contracts, verifying subcontractors, making payments via BACS to sending out the statements to the subcontractors to paying the CIS to HMRC.

We cover every aspect so you don't have to.

How we work?

Step by step guide:

Tell us who your subcontractors are along with their contact details

We send them our contracts and necessary paperwork

They sign necessary paperwork and post/email back

Once verification with HMRC has taken place then the set up process has been completed


Each week you need to pay a subcontractor:

You email us a list of payments and to which subcontractors

We collate the information and on our system we deduct the fee and any CIS deduction needed.

We invoice you the total amount due to us, which in turn you would pay via BACS

We pay the subcontractors via BACS

We send out to them the monthly CIS statements


The cost for our service is £15 per operative per payment made plus VAT

The £15 fee is covered by the subcontractor which means your company just pays the VAT needed which you will see to be included on the invoice along with the wages that need paying.